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Bards were basically the media, but they were aware of the impact of their art, and did it on purpose. If a Bard was smearing a local chieftain in his poems or stories, there was a reason. The people would go to them, because they were the students of morality, and they got their moral insights from nature.

Milestones on the Druidic Path

Not like the modern morality, which is really just a body of collective prejudice for the most part. Druids were astrologers, scholars, scientists, and philosophers. They kept rituals to honour the Gods, but in a way they were more for the Druids themselves than for the general populace.

To keep the Druids aware of nature and in touch, so they could guide effectively. Did they travel for new ideas, or just local? Oh, they were big travelers. Thorn Swarm Shoots 8 thorns instead of 5. Druid of Jungle Calls a vine from the ground to entangle and crush Bloons one at a time. Spirit of the Forest Grows thorned vines along the path, dealing constant damage, regenerating lives and providing money every round.

Druidic Reach Increases range by a large amount.

Heart of Vengeance Gains attack speed up to lives lost after getting this upgrade, Lives above maximum do not count. Druid of Wrath Gains attack speed during the round as long as the Druid is popping Bloons.

Walking the Druid Path - The Druid's Prayer/Gweddi'r Orsedd

Poplust Boosts attack speed for all Druids in the radius. Can stack up to 5 times on a single Druid. Avatar of Wrath The more bloons there are, the more damage it does! Cecilia Dart-Thornton. The Mammoth Book of Merlin. Mike Ashley. Patrick Kennedy. The Adventures of Ulysses. Bernard Evslin. Celtic Wonder Tales. Ella Young.

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Druid Path by Marah Ellis Ryan

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Sources of Inspiration

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