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The Identity List: How to Catalog Your Written Work to Get More Freelance Writing Projects

Figuring out how to price your services as a freelancer will be one of the most painful and crucial things you do while setting up your freelance business. I agonized over my rates for months when I started out. I also severely underpriced my services in the beginning, so much so that I was working constantly yet constantly broke. Now, income taxes are very complicated and vary widely.

2. Pitch to a Job Board Ad

You NEED a portfolio site to win over clients as a freelancer. You can even create a portfolio site for free. Now, you need to go out and make a list of potential clients along with their contact info email address and first name is fine. You need to be pitching potential clients aggressively.

What Is A Content Marketing Agency?

Many new freelancers have discovery call anxiety. All I can say is that I did too, and it does get better with time and practice. The more discovery calls you do, the more at ease you will feel. No business owner is immune to negotiation.

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All in all, be open to negotiation. Nothing is set in stone, so have fun with it! My goal with a contract is not to sue my client if a problem should arise, but simply to have something in writing I can point to in the case of a misunderstanding. Onboarding is what happens after your client signs on the dotted line.


This is what you do to get them into your system and make sure work goes smoothly. You also need to gain access to their passwords and brand style guide.

How to Make $5,000/Month as a Freelancer Without Leaving Your House

All of this is part of the onboarding process. Package your services in a way that you can reach your income goal AND provide immense value to your clients. You now need to find another client to replace the one you just finished work for. So maybe you provide monthly Shopify tech support for clients. Turn your services into monthly recurring services.

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90+ Best tools for freelancers who never want to have a boss again

When you make the most of our sales bundles and marketing suggestions, you can reel in some last minute, end of year jobs to see you through Q4 in style. Jonny Steel November 21, Here are the six most popular bundles for freelancers to promote on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get more customers: Video content. Photographers and content writers can increase sales with discount bundles for promotional videos. Landing pages. Web designers, freelance writers, and programmers would do well to create a landing page bundle. Consider offering one free landing page for every four that you create. Content marketing.

Content is still king, so invite your customers to get the holiday-optimized content they need for a special price. Retail sites need plenty of new content for the holiday season, but they might be reluctant to pay for the number of articles they need. Business websites. Web programmers and web designers can offer to create a new or additional website for businesses or retailers.

At this time of year, a lot of retailers need new seasonal product images, but many might also have reached the end of their budget and need to cut expenses. A discount code can entice clients to schedule that photoshoot anyway.