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Creamy caramel.


Fresh maple syrup. With these taste notes, you can expect a roasty and full-bodied dark coffee that will wake up your taste buds in the morning or pull you through a never-ending afternoon.

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Dark Roast Coffee Chocolate, caramel, and maple. Flavor Profile Chocolate, Caramel, Maple. Weight 1lb 16oz.

Roast Profile Dark Roast Coffee. Origin Brazil, Peru, Sumatra.

Try one of our other blends! Some taste bright and fruity.

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Others taste deep and dark. Some taste like toasted graham crackers or dark chocolate-covered raisins or green tea. The most pronounced flavor of the coffee is usually determined by how intensely the beans were roasted.

Dark Roast Coffee

Light and dark roasts are the first indicator as to what your coffee is going to taste like. Light roasted coffee sees less heat than a dark roast.

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There will be more going on in terms of complexity in a light roast coffee. But the body will actually be thinner than that of a dark roast, and will almost drink more like a strong black tea.

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Dark roast coffee beans stay on the roasting machine for a longer time or at a higher temperature. This means the beans will lose more moisture, making them less dense, less caffeinated, and more single-note in flavor. The complexities that light roast coffee start to disappear the longer you leave the beans on the roasting machine.