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Debunking the personal finance advice industry’s favorite myth.

Coffee Cup Devotions with Dr. Cup of Another Measure.

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Cup Of Another Measure straddles divergent and often conflicting cultures as it unravels a fanatical Cup Of Another Measure straddles divergent and often conflicting cultures as it unravels a fanatical scheme that involves the simultaneous thermonuclear endangering of five major cities.

Discourse on Ethics. Inside the Mind of a Lunatic. Last Call. Of Men And Angels. A Vietnam vet dies and goes to heaven. Having befriended an archangel, both are sent Having befriended an archangel, both are sent to earth to warn of the potential for the end of human life on the planet. I'm not a coffee elitist either, I can drink Canadian swill timmies and just about any corner store brew, instant packets Just not Starbucks.

The absolute best I've found at a chain by a mile is McCafe but I've never heard an American mention it.

Buy Yourself a Latte | Hacker News

Is McDonald's trash in the states? Is Canadian Starbucks different? Raphmedia 6 months ago. It's not about not buying things for yourself. You can spoil yourself and spend money on yourself but do it for things that will actually last and be of use to you. Do buy yourself expensive coffees, cupcakes or quality aged beer and wine You will enjoy it more that way anyway.

We spent a total of $228 this week.

There's other factors at play as well. If I had the coffee beans and milk, I may not necessarily be motivated to make myself a cup. I also probably wouldn't have an espresso machine or know how to make the coffee taste like I want. I know latte is the common reference but I'm shifting my mindset lately, especially having a family. I brew my own coffee at home and pretty frugal. But now if things cost a but more and is convenient, I'll pay for it. For example, parking at the venue vs free street parking. Having two kids in tow is pretty difficult to get them orderly in the car.

The $5 Cup Of Coffee Is Ruining My Retirement

Paying a little extra for 2 hotel rooms, versus squeezing youe in laws, 2 kids and yourself and spouse in 1 room Really glad i invested in a grain coffee machine. Get 1kg of "fair-trade" grain for 15 euros, does this make lattes? I usually have 2 coffee a day, or 3 some other days. Well, I learn to make coffee. Don't forget to account for the cost of the equipment you're using as well as the time it takes to use and clean the equipment.

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I feel articles like this should recommend an annual income threshold, if you are buying these lattes with a credit card while your checking account is over-drafted then it is going to indirectly affect your retirement. But I do acknowledge that most people reading this are probably not in an over-drafted position.

Retirement Planning - At 50 - Saving For Retirement

What this article ignores is hedonistic adaptation. Only having a fancy latte every week or two will make it far more enjoyable. Having it every day will make you by and large indifferent. It's not just about saving money, it's about optimising for happiness. BenMorganIO 6 months ago. Just a summary: - Budget to be able to buy lattes. In other words, budget for frivolous expenses. My opinion: I mean It's a drink. I'd recommend Tim's instead of Starbucks if money is tight. As a person who spent two years homeless, this stuff is helpful for mental health.

Being able to have less worries than more worries is important. Then recalculate needs, review on current bills, and rebalance and so on. Also keep a month or two of cash reserves for emergencies. Now go buy a mocha, they're better. Come on, it has happened for several years now well, more or less but everybody knows it will not last. And, in any case, it has never happened before for 40 years So it's not huge but it's not trivial at all. Especially considering I live in one of those western cities with stagnating wages and absurd property costs.

Daily expenses are wierd. Or you could study, improve your skills and get more money to be able to afford the bigger car, among other things while still having the latte.

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Advice like this isn't real financial advice. It's a thinly veiled way of telling the poor and middle class to accept less or starve. Did the article even mention fees and taxes? VectorLock 6 months ago. My brain parsed this at first glance as "Buy Yourself a Lathe. Your reuccuring daily spending is the innermost loop in your retirement saving program. If I was doing paid work instead of reading HN I could afford several extra lattes per day. You can just have your latte and decide it is worth it. It's just basic micro vs macro.

If you've played any video game competitively you would know the difference. Also you might die without any of the minor joy that a coffee might give you, and none of the benefit of the savings. ErikAugust 6 months ago. Save up some lattes and buy yourself a share of SBUX. Then go to Starbucks and buy yourself a latte. That's not a small amount. SketchySeaBeast 6 months ago. One of his points is "Focus on large fixed costs, not small discretionary ones", so while that isn't a small amount, that might be half how much your mortgage costs a MONTH. Until you optimize the mortgage, the coffee is less of a concern.

It adds up if you do the latte thing every day.

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  8. Wasn't there an app that did just that - rounded up your spending to put the remainder in an investment account? It sure as hell matters if you're poor. An opinion is presented that this is a good tradeoff if you like latte. We can choose not to buy the latte, and to pack our own lunch, and to choose cheaper veg instead of meats at the grocery store, and on and on.

    Frequently it's multiple smaller choices that add up to noticeable benefit, even when a single latte or lunch out won't break the bank.

    But who with a latte addiction just buys the latte?