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See you back here then. MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo famously shoots free throws a day, after missing the front end of a crucial 1-and-1 in a high school tournament game. The year was I was up with the bases loaded and lined a single to center.

BP1 Softball Only Pitching Machine - JUGS Sports

It was my only batted ball to the outfield all season. No RBI, no hit for me. Slight typo in the hockey section of the Ticker. I did and now still usually do play defence mainly. Started crying part way though that game. Little league. Late evening game. I was playing right field when the batter hit a laser right to me.

I run up, raise my glove and miss the ball by a foot. Shoots by me, lands and rolls what seemed to be 50 ft. What did your father say after your start? I am the little league dad right now and I have seen my son have outstanding performances and brutal ones. I remember my childhood sports memories vividly, both good and bad.

I remember turning an inning and game ending double play when I played slow pitch softball diving stab of a line drive; doubled a straying runner off second. I remember my teammates mobbing me in celebration. I also remember being such a poor hitter when I finally tried playing baseball that once my own teammates threw rocks and dirt balls at me as I came to bat. I think these memories stay with us so vividly because these moments are the first things we experience as kids that have real world consequences.

Your actions on a sports field have direct black and white results. So many of our other experiences in life exist in a gray area. My son plays travel baseball now way better than I ever was! His memory as well. First off, I think our brains are a little like lint rollers — you know, the ones that have sticky, perforated sheets of paper on them. But, the more times you roll a lint roller over something, the less it picks up. Over time, less sticks.

Why Can’t We Let Go of Our Childhood Sports Memories? | Uni Watch

My wife routinely tells me the same thing the Tugboat Captain told Paul. She remembers stuff from her childhood, but not nearly as much as I do. They just go and do. Am I doing this stuff right? Am I even being taught right? Am I better, worse or the same than my peers? Or should I plan on being a failure and temper my expectations?

The Dream of the Broken Horses William Bayer

As young people search for any clues to answer those questions, something like a sporting event can provide a lot of answers. And when a new path opens itself — the coach thinks I might be a good pitcher and has deemed me worthy of pitching over all my teammates — our minds explore the possibilities. Furthermore, I have a feeling Paul, better than most other kids, had a feeling for what being the starting pitcher represented. Sports teams are, in a way, representations of community.

Consider how many parents refuse to let their kids know what failure means because it becomes a reflection upon them as a parent. The Varsity Blues scandal comes to mind, but helicopter parenting has become a trend among all socioeconomic strata. Nonetheless, for those of us raised in more sane times, there was still a feeling, if we played poorly in a Little League game or a high-school basketball game where we were in front of and representing our peers, we were letting them down.

It allows you to understand that life is more than just one contest. I played baseball through my youth. It was the one sport I truly played competitively. I pitched for all four teams, including being the number one starter for a couple, and hit a homer to tie the game that we would later win in walk-off fashion to win the second of the four titles after my sixth-grade year of I got seven at-bats on the freshman team and saw about six innings of work on the mound.

Got cut my sophomore and junior years. Was offered a token spot as a senior in a very nice gesture whenever the coach would ask trivia questions in the tryout, I was the only one that not only had a clue but knew them all, which clued him into the fact I adore baseball , but declined as my dad was coaching the rec team I was playing for by then.


It softened the blow significantly that the high school team dominated its way to a state title my senior year. At camps run by the local batting cage place, coaches from other schools in my conference told me I would have played for their teams. For me there were lessons in the successes and failures I learned from. I remember an important race where I, just for a second gave up a little.

I learned something that day about life, and myself. SImilar situation to you was my first, and only, time pitching in Little League. We mostly had games Tuesday Nights and Saturday but once time that season we had to play on Wednesday night due to a rain out. My Dad had Wednesdays off so this was the only time he got to see me play so I wanted to impress. I convinced my coach to let me pitched, which is something I never did I mostly played catcher, 1B.

Got the first kid to strike out so I started to feel myself but the the wheels fell off. Walked two batters and Hit another before being pulled. My only strike was pitch that was thrown behind the batter and glanced his bat. Like you said, its weird that I can remember so many details of that game. We were sponsored by the local pub and wore dark purple uniforms. The Little league field was across the street from the state prison and if you hit a foul ball behind the backstop it would sometimes go into the yard.

The team already wears a special Tequila Sunrise jersey on Saturdays; this is a special Matthew McConaghey-inspired uniform.

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Being an Astros farm team, the Express have leaned pretty hard on the Tequila Sunrise theme. Paul, like the Tugboat Captain, I am also amazed at how you can recall such detail from your childhood. I can remember flashes and moments from various life events, but rarely do I remember small details like dates or exact moments. I wonder why that is. Paul and I are nearly the same age and I have a pitching memory as well!

In Senior League to year-olds , my regular season team not the league all-star team at the end of the season was really good and made it to the finals of the annual tournament around Memorial Day two years in a row. This was quite a feat in that it was a tournament involving more than 70 teams both years.

We lost both times. The second time, I was the starting pitcher unlike Paul, I was our 1 starter at the time. I pitched well, but we lost the game because I attempted to pick a guy off second base and threw the ball into centerfield!

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The runner came around and scored the winning run. I wore Most of floor looked like this and the sidelines were very much like this. There are still some high school gyms around Milwaukee like this, while others have teams play on coated, painted, smoothed concrete. When I found out the tile was more like standard classroom flooring, I was both a little less surprised and, in a way, disappointed, as that was a heck of a lot more boring.

I charge the ball and it goes right through my legs. The batter scoots around the bases. A four base error. After the third out I avoid the glare of Coach Gino.

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Unfortunately, it still seems like I made that error yesterday. Still bothers me. I was playing JV baseball for my high school, spring We were in first place, I was having a very good year batting 4th. We were home, playing a local rival in second place, and the game was tied in the bottom of the 6th- 2nd and 3rd. They intentionally walked the 3 hitter to get to me. I was furious and would certainly make them pay. Intentionally walk someone to face the cleanup hitter?

I dig in and swing at the first pitch. Slightly high fastball, probably not a strike, and I flied out to center.