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Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Training Exercises

Course Aims. The course aims to help you to: 1. Facilitate parties' understanding of their sense of violation and to help parties surface their underlying needs in order to effect a change of mindset.

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Develop a range of communication tools and techniques that can be used to guide, challenge and empower parties to understand and resolve their own dispute. Create a safe climate, in an open forum, where the parties can facilitate the. Understand the principles, features and benefits of mediation and the practical application of this knowledge in setting up and growing a successful regional workplace mediation service. Course Details. The 40 hour Workplace Mediation Training Programme is designed for those individuals who have a desire to mediate disputes within the Workplace.

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This is why all of our mediation programmes are skill based and focused on practical learning. The programme is presented by highly experienced international tutors and mediation practitioners who give comprehensive feedback and guidance throughout. The course creates a rich and stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to interact with the course trainers and fellow delegates.

Case study mediation exercises, group discussions and de-briefing sessions enable you to practice the skills you have learnt. Tutors are available to you throughout the programme to discuss any aspect of the course or practical difficulties. ADR-ODR International brings together leading knowledge in the field of Workplace Mediation Training to ensure that each delegate understands the context and application of the core skills needed to be an excellent mediator.

Day 1 - Understanding the changing face of the Workplace. Day 2-Process Management. Delegates will be assessed on their practical mediation skills by means of a videoed roleplay. In addition their ability to understand the requirements of a workable settlement agreement and their ability to self-reflect will be assessed by two written post-course assignments.

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The videoed roleplay is marked by an independent assessor and will result in either a pass or fail. A Settlement Agreement prepared from one of your roleplays attended whilst on the Workplace Mediation Training Programme. A Reflective Learning Journal.

You should aim to produce around words. Delegates are required to submit all assignments within 4 weeks post completion of the training programme. The Learning Environment. Discussion and participation in practical activities are integral and essential to this training. Many months and a good few trainings later, I am now thoroughly convinced of the benefits of many of the video mediation resources which are available.

Some of these include the following:. Each mediation can be watched in its entirety, or a menu will allow the viewed to select different stages of the mediation, which are then discussed in the relevant chapters of the textbook. I have found these videos particularly useful for showing students different styles of mediation, from evaluative to transformative, for example. I would not consider jettisoning role-plays in favour of videos by any means, the best way to learn is still by doing, but videos such as these can demystify the process for students, and can also show more realistic scenarios, particularly those involving high levels of emotion for example, than roles played out by the students can.

A greater level of detail can also be demonstrated. Videos can also be helpful in lectures or shorter teaching sessions, which do not allow for role-play or other interactive activities or for livening up what could otherwise be a potentially dull lecture. Webinars, for example, can be a useful way of getting some of the less exciting aspects of mediation across to students, in their own time, such as legal structures around mediation or more procedural aspects.

This technology can also be used, as I have recently discovered, to make videos and other materials available to students in between face to face sessions, therefore maximising the value of the latter. Some negotiation and conflict exercises are also now available online.

Mediation Role Play – Paralegal Training Materials

The Kraybill Conflict Styles Inventory, for example, is an accessible and cost effective way of introducing conflict styles to students. They can take the inventory online from their own homes, and if so set up by the trainer print out their own results and then bring them to the session for further discussion and exp0loration, again freeing up time that might otherwise have been used filling out the questionnaire.

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Turning then to other resources that can be useful for mediation trainers, I have only to look through the stacks of books on and around my desk to see that more traditional media still play a significant role. In training new mediators, particularly, it can be a challenge to find materials and resources that are sufficiently thorough but still comprehensible and accessible to students.

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Mediation being such a fluid and often intuitive discipline, books on mediation can be very theoretical and wordy, and thus prove difficult for new mediators to get to grips with. Jennifer E.