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But then things started to go wrong: he broke up with his girlfriend briefly, and found himself homeless - making it hard to concentrate on getting better. By November, he was in hospital 'hooked up to every machine you could think of' and doctors said he had just three weeks to live.

Ripped: A Memoir of Love, Steroids, and the Suicide of a Former Champion Bodybuilder

The tumour had got too big to operate on, and there was little the doctors felt they could do. So Ms Rigby — whom he called his 'rock' - began his healthy regimen once more. They also began fundraising to help pay for the treatment costs and set up the Facebook page. He was also visited by a doctor in London — who hoped to shrink his tumour by using natural medicine. But Mr Wharmby's cancer was too advanced. Writing on the Facebook page, shortly after he died, Ms Rigby said: 'I am heartbroken but it was such a release and I felt shortly after that he was no longer in the room.

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Dorian Yates biography. Let's not forget that a doctor in a practice surrounded by council estates [Yates lived in the Castle Vale area of Birmingham during the s and early s] was seeing alcoholics, suicide attempts, drug addicts and all sorts.

Someone like me who was monk-like pretty much, expect for the steroids, would have been far healthier than most of the people who stumbled through his door. He did pick up on my HDL [good cholesterol] being a bit low over time and my blood pressure being on the high side but just advised me to do it for as short time as possible. Yates always questioned perceived wisdom; just because the general thing we are told is right or wrong, we should be making up our own minds.

Examples are apparent throughout but, on this issue of the rights and wrongs of anabolic steroids , one stands out near the end of a career which had seen Yates using such medicine on and off for about 12 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fares lives with his mother and stepfather. He wants more money. He wants a car. Most of all, he wants to be able to go and work in Europe, but besides the fact that Europe does not want him, the temporary travel documents that the Coalition Provisional Authority is issuing are not valid for crossing any border. Since the international bonhomie of April 9, Fares hasn't met any Americans.

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They are scared of us, and we are scared of them. Hamid, who has trained to be a sports schoolteacher, is unemployed. He is as ambivalent a year after the toppling of the statue as he was at the time. His immediate response when asked how his life has changed since April 9, is to say that it has improved, for one reason: his brother Raed Hamid, an engineer, has found a good job in the postwar oil industry in Basra.

I visit the Hamid family house on the day of the bombings in Kerbala and Baghdad, which left scores of people dead. The Hamids are Shias. Khaled says that he was supposed to have gone to Kerbala, but the car didn't turn up. Khaled has a scratch on his nose from their cat, Kuti, who was born on the day the statue fell. Their house is an unlived-in space that looks as if it were offices until recently; the family say they rent it from the religious affairs ministry. There is a suspicious mound of fire extinguishers and old pipeline parts in the garden.

The Hamids say that they are just looking after them for a friend. Khaled talks about his life since the day the statue fell. He occasionally goes to the education ministry to ask if it has jobs for sports teachers, but it says it does not have the money. In October, he went down to Basra as he had heard the British there were handing out back pay to demobbed soldiers. He witnessed a riot in which the British were attacked by hundreds of former soldiers, and they mistakenly shot a school watchman who they thought was firing at them.

Raed Hamid, who also witnessed the fall of the statue, is there, too, on leave from his job. Everything isn't going to calm down in a moment. They came all this way. They experienced all that sacrifice, lost hundreds of men and spent so much money. Do you think they will leave this country so easily? There will be American bases outside our cities. Khaled went to see if he could help, but the soldiers warned him off.

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Leave this area! There were machine guns pointed at my head. Obeid explains what happened to him. Three American soldiers entered the yard, told Obeid and his friends to put their hands up while they searched for weapons, took hold of Obeid's chin, moved his head from side to side, and ordered him to take his shirt off and stand facing the wall. He refused. He was handcuffed and taken into the street. Against a background of screaming, weeping and protesting by the family, male and female, the Americans broke into the house and searched it, finding two Kalashnikovs, which they confiscated, although Obeid insisted he needed at least one for his job as watchman at a car park.

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I didn't say anything. They wrote some words on my forearm, three lines: the day, the date, the kind of weapon, the serial number. Then the officer said: 'Happy Eid! Later, another US unit came through with a kind of "How's my driving? They handed out leaflets with an Arabic translation of a speech by George Bush talking about the spirit of peace and love in Ramadan.

That wasn't done under Saddam. We were repressed, and now we're going to be repressed again. When the definitive history of the war is written, Marine Lieutenant Casey TK Kuhlman would like to add a tiny codicil on how, inadvertently, a grave insult was done to Iraqi honour on what should have been a joyous day, and how that wrong was set to rights.

Actually, Kuhlman is writing the story himself. He says he has a six-figure advance for a war memoir, based on his time with a marine sniper outfit. At its core will be the story of two flags: American and Iraqi. Both were draped across Saddam Hussein's bronze features that day. Both were invested with enormous meaning because of the gaggle of television cameras in the square that day.

A heedless gesture from a group of marines turned into a symbol of conquest and occupation. Kuhlman says he has the inside story. He screamed into Firdous Square that afternoon in a Humvee, narrowly ahead of a column of tanks. He was with a sniper unit, and had been briefed to expect brutal street battles.