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Photos and embeddable videos are available here. Online, www. Find out more by visiting www. New York — January 21, — East London. As the century enters its final decade, recession stalks Great Britain. The team faces challenges on the home front too. Without his wife Emily to anchor him, Reid wrestles personal demons of guilt and isolation. Drake has a new wife; but in committing to her, may have lost the brutal intensity that was a hallmark of his policing. The past is gone but our heroes need to find a way to come to terms with a new present in order to combat the ever-shifting menace of life on the Whitechapel frontline.

Joseph Merrick The Elephant Man makes an appearance. We witness the beginnings of Chinatown in the East End and the Triads make an appearance. I was delighted to hear that Joseph Merrick was in it.

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I was intrigued first of all by the idea of the Elephant Man featuring in Ripper Street and then thrilled by the prospect of it. It works very well because he was there at the London Hospital under the care of Frederick Treves, the great surgeon. Sergeant Drake, for example, is played by Jerome and he has found happiness in his life with Bella.

I think Drake has found peace and domestic bliss. Also Toby Finlay who writes beautifully for Ripper Street — and so it was very exciting to get them. But to answer your question, comic scenes are great fun.

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It was great. If the police are to be so publicly assaulted on his streets, what hope is there for law-abiding civilian life? This leads Reid to different conclusions and fears that a new kind of hell is to be released on to his streets. The only suggestion of her identity, however, is the strange protrusion at the base of her spine — a vestigial tail. It is a clue which takes Reid and the team into the shadowy netherworld of the circus freak shows and back to The London Hospital to seek help and understanding from its most celebrated resident, Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man.

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With the death of P. Their investigation brings the recently married Drake back into contact with Rose, the girl who broke his heart, and introduces Reid to Councilor Jane Cobden, the first woman ever appointed to the LCC. After serving more than twenty years in Newgate Gaol prison, the Irish dynamiter, Aiden Galvin, is sprung from his prison wagon while traveling through Whitechapel. Barely a day later, he detonates a device beneath the bed of Cecil Knightly, a prominent Member of Parliament and a vociferous opponent of The Irish Home Rule movement.

Investigations into the brutal slaying of a Telegraph newspaper boy lifts the lid on a vice racket run from the offices of the Government Printing Office. The trail reveals blackmail, looming economic disaster and financial corruption. Churches and synagogues are being burnt and desecrated in Whitechapel and Reid suspects the same hand behind the various attacks.

As Jackson absorbs both the potential wealth of this gem and the personal irritation of his sibling, Reid and Flight are drawn to the plight of a local craftsman defrauded of his work and income by a sophisticated long-firm scam. Death and violence stalk Whitechapel once more. Decayed and murdered corpses are found in a slum tenement, and the police divisional boxing championship — the Lafone Cup — reveal vengeful feelings within the force.

Season two finds Reid very much alone in the world. His home is filthy and untended and he sleeps most nights on the day-bed in his office at Leman Street. The hole where his personal life should be has made him even more committed to his daily battles on the streets of Whitechapel. Fallout from his failure to catch Jack the Ripper — the loss of both his daughter and wife — will forever haunt him, but with Whitechapel falling apart at the seams, Reid has enough on the table to keep his mind off the past.

Even his relationship with his closest allies is shifting.


Just how far will Reid go to ensure that good prevails? And what will be the cost to his own soul? At first glance, Captain Jackson might seem tamed. Were it not for the fact that they live in a brothel, his life might seem normal. Yet beyond this, he yearns for a new freedom.

The Old West Brothel

As far as he is concerned, he and Susan have laid their past to rest and have no need to hide in the lawless chaos of Whitechapel. But harsh realities are soon to intrude on his life. Not only are those fantasy ambitions under threat, but so is the security of his home. His free-spirited and reckless past meant that he had no idea of, or no interest in, just how his wife was able to finance the birth and growth of the Tenter Street bordello. He is soon to find out, though. Just what price will he — and, by extension, Reid — have to pay for the violence they have dished out in the Leman Street cells?

But unlike him, she has come to feel at home in the Tenter Street brothel.

Pompeii in one perfect day

But happiness is transitory as a new secret is soon to be revealed; one that even Captain Jackson had no idea. Susan is knee deep in debt she took on from her leasing of the Tenter Street site, financed by a far from legitimate source — the vile and ruthless moneylender, Silas Duggan.

At the time, wanted by the law and living anonymously — she had no choice but to accept the terms of this loan. As an Irishman in the Metropolitan police, Flight is already marked as an outsider. Flight is a man of secrets that the men of H Division could never guess. An officer both feared and respected by all, he is a man obsessed by his own corrupt power and will.

Where Reid is restricted by both the law and morality, Shine suffers no such qualms. If Reid cannot find a way to defeat him, Shine is a monster that might swallow his world whole. Saved from the life of a prostitute by the love of Sergeant Bennet Drake, Bella returns that love fiercely.

And so her life is a happy one, until her past comes calling. One of the giants on whose shoulders the Suffragette Movement was to stand, she is a bohemian and a committed defender of the downtrodden and abused. She will find much in common with Inspector Reid, a man whose occasional inclination towards introspection and seriousness she is ready to puncture with keen and affectionate wit.

Search for:. More Overview. The tip of her left ear twitched as the sound of her name snapped her out of an exhausted daze. She stood to meet the pair and recognized the male. Crosta, a member of the Binse of the Treorai of Abhainnbaile and leader of campaign against the centaur.

One's Own Shadow – Randall P. Fitzgerald

He was a capable enough commander, tactically speaking, but he was famously short tempered and uncharismatic besides. The woman was unknown, but judging from the fine dress she wore and the shine of her hair, Socair assumed her to be the Regent of what was left of the hamlet in which they now stood. She spoke before Crosta could start again, a softer, more pleasant voice than Socair had expected of the sharp features the noble bore.

Crosta snapped a tight bow, four fingers across his chest in salute. Insufferable twat. She doubled over and grabbed her side. You are well built, to say the least. It was uncommon for highborn to forgo such pleasantries as the meaningless gestures tended to wax their egos. Socair was intrigued by the woman, to be sure. I insist upon it. Come, follow me. A few moments later a pair of shorter women came and whisked her off to some corner of the keep.

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Socair did not know the place, though the room was nice enough. The attendants saw to her needs, whether they were truly her needs or not. Her short hair was combed and run through with all manner of things she had never seen put to hair before. Scented waters and powders and finally a sort of wax that made her hair glisten. When they had gone, Socair looked down at the ill-fitting finery she had been stuffed into.

Raised among boys in a family whose sole pride was their martial prowess, they were insular and strict.