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Loose Ends Clive Anderson and guests with an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. Available now. Duration: Coming Up. Christopher Eccleston, Louis Theroux, Sh! Supporting Content Six things we learned about Hayley Atwell The actor revealed some of the roles she'd love to play and more.

Six things we learned about Michael Sheen The actor had some revelations when he spoke to Clive Anderson. Of course, you can also buy your ticket online:.

At the moment, unfortunately only creditcard is supported at Big Cartel. Do you want to buy merchandise using a different payment method? Please send us an e-mail at shredder looseendsfestival. Loose Ends? We could tell you a lot more, but you know the drill. Bands, beer, friends and whatnot. Check the merch for proof, and wait until you see the line-up…. Where can I find Loose Ends? The NDSM-werf is where the party is at! We tried to find the most raw and awesome location for this festival and we like to think we succeeded.

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There are a few options on how to get your ass to the festival. By bike, by foot, by car, by bus. We recommend you to travel by bike to the festival as it is the fastest route. Find all info on how to get to Loose Ends here. What are the opening times? The festival site opens on Sunday June 23 at and we will kick you out again at Well, where can I buy a ticket? How about through this website. Or do you want an old-school physical ticket? We got you! Oh, and you can also buy a ticket through our official partner Festicket. Please avoid anyone else who tries to sell you a ticket.

They are cowboys.

Yeah we're talking about you, TopTicketShop. I lost my ticket.

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