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Some of the positive changes equitation scientists have seen in the industry, as a result of their research, have been associated with:.

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The group works directly with horse people who choose to attend conferences and have ISES membership, Randle said. Effecting change in horse people has become a current subfield of equitation science. In fact, about one-third of the ISES conference was devoted to that research area. This is not always easy in a field where the researchers are usually horse people themselves. However, being aware of the risk can help scientists stay more objective. So can technology.

The developing field of technological research tools is helping take the human—and, therefore, human error—out of data collection.

And this has been further facilitated by the growing availability of increasingly smart and portable equipment that is affordable and easily fitted to horses and humans. Its use does require scientists to respect careful maintenance and calibration for accurate results, she added. And in some cases, people have manipulated study results to defend a completely opposite point of view. Like the relationship between humans and horses, through good communication, the relationship between ISES and the horse industry can continue to evolve in a positive manner—with less stress and tension and just enough pressure to achieve the right effect.

She currently keeps her two Trakehners at home near Paris. The Past, Present, and Future of Equitation Science Through good research and communication, equitation science can continue to evolve in a positive manner with the goal of improving equine welfare and horse and rider interactions. Favorite Share:.

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Equitation Science Advancements Some of the positive changes equitation scientists have seen in the industry, as a result of their research, have been associated with: Management conditions increased turnout time ; Use of horses pregnant mare urine ; Discipline-specific practices whisker trimming ; Performance-related actions soring ; Training methods hyperflexion ; Equine career changes retraining, rehabilitating, rehoming ; and End-of-life decisions euthanasia.

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Weekly Poll:. Do you give your horse probiotics, and if so, what for? Yes, to treat or prevent diarrhea.

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Yes, to aid in digestion and prevent gastric ulcers. This is where it takes very dedicated individuals to do this job, because they have a lot of responsibility.

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And then there is the public appeal. Close to my own home, the Houston Mounted Police regularly speak at schools and other public engagements.

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Were it not for their cute horse partners would the public be as interested in their message? On a side, this unit is very actively involved with Natural Horsemanship and every single horse on the force operates barefoot. So what do you think Horse Nation, are mounted police still viable crime fighters or are they a thing of the past? Your email address will not be published. Officer Sokoloski and Texan Star. Leave a Comment comments. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.