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I am sure it is beautiful, even if not what you had in mind.

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Thanks for coming by! I just brought home samples this weekend, and I think stonington is the winner for the kitchen. Do you think I could put the silver chain into the adjoining living room? This is so daunting! Fun at the same time, though! I was so happy to come across your post! It was so informative!!! Someone suggested using Silver Chain to me. What white would you suggest for the ceiling and trim that would look crisp and clean?

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  4. Thank you for this information! Love love love silver chain. I have just used it to great success with Simply White. My all time favorite white by Ben Moore.

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    Hope this helps! Hello, I have been struggling with choosing a true gray paint color for my master bedroom. I want a chic but soothing palette. The colors I have chosen are winter white, soft gray with accents of aqua. My dilemma is my bedroom windows face north. I have tested silver chain and stonington.

    I am not sure which one to go with. I am worried it might still make the room gloomy. I also considered doing winter white with a darker gray accent wall. What would you do? Hi Jenine, Have you decided on a gray? I also LOVE that we are all supporting each other in our quest for the perfect grey!

    26 Best Grey Paint Colors - Top Shades of Gray Paint

    Hi Glad I read your post. Looking for a true gray-grey color with not too much undertone. The two you suggested look great. I have dark Brizilan Walnut floors, dark wood furniture and basically creamy white upholstery. Will get color sample to try. What paint color will work for my hallways? I love your advice on the 2 greys I am going to get samples.

    I recently bought bedding that is white, grey, and a silvery ribbon around it. However, I got it home and it looks more lavender than grey which it did not in the store! What do you suggest to bring out more grey vs bringing out the violet tones? Would painting it either of these greys help bring it out?? Every grey I pick looks purple! I want a true grey! Try the two I suggest here Haley!

    The 26 Best Shades Of Gray Paint You'll Ever Use

    In my home, we have lots of natural light. SO very disappointing — they both looked baby blue. Like a beautiful baby blue you would paint a nursery! Lighting plays a major roll in what paint will look like in your home — natural light as well as your bulbs, incandescent vs. I love grey owl! Worked very well for me , stayed grey no undertones. Try to paint a coat of primer first.

    Two Shades of Blue trailer

    You will be amazed how it works. I bought several samples of grays. They all turned very blue. Then I decided to paint a coat of primer first. Huge difference. I bought 5 different sample before I tried this. If the person at the paint store would of told me this in the first place I would have saved a lot of trouble and expense. Such a great post! I love gray for the walls, will be pinning this for future reference. Thanks for the info. I to one of the true gray and my painter pic out mindful Gray he just turned sort of a greenish Grey which is not what I want and I have a very dark hallway next to it with no natural light I was thinking of doing whatever I put in my great room as a true gray on one wall and on the other wall and accent of a deeper darker gray more like a charcoal any suggestions.

    That sounds like a great solution Cathie. I painted my kitchen walls BM Sidewalk Gray, which looks blue. Any suggestions for a true gray that will match the BM Pigeon Gray on the bottom of the chair rail? Kathy do you want to go lighter — which is what I assume — on the top? Thank you! Yes I do want to go lighter on the top. My floors are a light wood and I have a sky light in the part of the kitchen that used to be a breezeway. Have you tried either of the two greys I mention in this post?

    If not, I think you might want to…. I have Kilim beige in my house with latte color as accent wall color. In bathrooms and kitchen with fluorescent light bulbs, the color looks like yellow. However I saw agreeable gray paint color in few models homes here are it was gorgeous. So I painted few rooms in that color and see a lot of blue undertones in some areas.

    Especially in north side room, during the day where the sun hits, those areas turn out as bluish gray. Does this tend of happen with agreeable gray paint color? Before painting the rooms, I did put few sample on the walls and as more blue than after painting the whole wall. What could be going on? Do you think the existing Kilim beige and latte behind the agreeable gray is making it look more blue? If so, what would be the fix or is it simply that agreeable gray is just not the right color for my house. Any help in this matter would be really helpful. Grays in general tend to blue or purple.

    Good luck!