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I saw the Divine universe is a living presence in everything.

Sleep Meditation Walk in a Zen Garden; Meet Your Spiritual Teacher Hypnosis

All of these have the ability create an ecstatic feeling of self-transcendence. The semantics of language can make a huge difference when describing psychological states and transcendent experiences, but often people use different words to describe identical phenomenon. Maslow describes this phenomena by saying:. You don't need to be standing on the moon to reap the benefits of having a sense of wonder. Prosocial behavior is described as "positive, helpful, and intended to promote social acceptance and friendship.

In a statement, Paul Piff described his research on awe saying:. By diminishing the emphasis on the individual self, awe may encourage people to forgo strict self-interest to improve the welfare of others. When experiencing awe, you may not, egocentrically speaking, feel like you're at the center of the world anymore. By shifting attention toward larger entities and diminishing the emphasis on the individual self, we reasoned that awe would trigger tendencies to engage in prosocial behaviors that may be costly for you but that benefit and help others.

Across all these different elicitors of awe, we found the same sorts of effects—people felt smaller, less self-important, and behaved in a more prosocial fashion.

A secret to wipe anger, sorrow, and frustration from your brain?

Might awe cause people to become more invested in the greater good, giving more to charity, volunteering to help others, or doing more to lessen their impact on the environment? Our research would suggest that the answer is yes. Children who played outside were also fascinated with the lushness of green bushes, pattern-like blue spots sparkling in water, bees' nests etc. Interestingly, the researchers also found that the parents of children who expressed the highest affinity toward nature and the strongest spirituality had also spent significant time outdoors during their own childhoods.

Many of the parents expressed a strong belief that their childhood experiences in nature shaped their adult lives and spirituality. Lead author, Gretel Van Wieren, assistant professor of religious studies at MSU, found that kids who played outside five to 10 hours per week said they felt a spiritual connection with the earth.

In a statement, Van Wieren said, "These values are incredibly important to human development and well-being. We were surprised by the results.

Wow! The Life-Changing Power of Experiencing Profound Awe | Psychology Today

Before we did the study, we asked, 'Is it just a myth that children have this deep connection with nature? The children also reported feeling awestruck and humbled by nature's power, such as storms, while also feeling happy and a sense of belonging in the world. Hopefully, all of this research and anecdotal evidence taken together illuminates that you don't have to be an astronaut to experience the life-changing power of profound awe and a sense of wonder. According to Yaden, neuroscience has begun assembling a model of brain activity that appears to be associated with self-transcendence and "standing outside oneself.

Stay tuned for more on this from Yaden in the near future. Yep, it IS one world. But people have spiritual binders over their eyes that prevent them from seeing it. For nothing is mightier than she. I am happy your walk took you to that place of searching and finding..

Seeing the need to change our inner dialogue often shocks us, as we step back and learn what kind of inner chatter has been our companion.. As it pushes, grabs and yes holds us back within its fear of making mistakes.. The silence helps us discover we also have had another inside of us who has always been walking, waiting patiently, waiting for us to wake up to ourselves.. So often we search externally for answers, for gratifications, rewards, when all the time our treasures we carried along with us on our journey.. The WOW factor.. Is what you discovered..

We are infinite Beings, with immense possibilities, and we have forgotten who we are, and how powerful we really are. When you connect within nature, and see we are a part of the whole.. We see just how magnificent we are in our creation.. And yet we waste so much of our time out of balance.. Looking back, looking forward.. Seldom do we live in our NOW, as Nature truly does.. When we discover who we are… truly who we are.. Dear Sue, I agree as we remain close to nature so is our nature remains so much vibrant and with so much of energy that we love every state of our life and the way we are living our life.

Walking in the nature is such a wonderful activity being so simple we generally take it for granted and therein we commit the biggest blunder and miss out of the beauty and bounty of nature that is there for us in abundance. Yes these are things, so much inside us and we keep searching all around us and we look outside us in a jaundiced eye. It is matter of stepping back, stopping by and staying there and being able to reflect and connect with self, we have all unknowingly moved away from ourselves and we are in a state of constant conflict with the world outside us and fighting for space to live a meaningful life which is so much within us and we keep going out, come out haplessly….

The silence and solitude in life can be experienced when we are with nature and indeed the silence helps us to discover our true self and unlock the hidden treasure of life we have so safely locked within ourselves…as we come close to the higher self, we feel the real difference, makes us feel so good about our life, it indeed a marked revelation the moment we discover who we are. My pleasure and love the wonderful exchange of such profound thoughts with you dear Sue as always. Take Care!!! It was Sunday.

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I woke up early. I had dedicated the day towards self-discovery. It was wee hours, waiting to be discovered. Sun was yet to show the sunlight for the day. I was trying to solemnly unearth myself. I was trying to deeply reflect on my work. I was trying to critically question my assumptions. I was trying to literally comprehend my proposition on life. I was warily tentative.

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I was oddly hesitant. I was taking it for granted. It was the day. It was the day to acknowledge. It was epiphany for me. It is here on my walk while wandering and I was searching everywhere. I was exploring frantically. Writing is infinite imagination. Wondering is infinite exploration. Walking is infinite discovery. Please follow and like us:. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. He deals and dwells on innovative titles and intriguing topics.

Philosophical Walk and Profound Talk…

It is a place to get intellectually involved, creatively indulged and spiritually inspired. This blog is all about being bold and beautiful, solid and silence, aspire and inspire, drive and strive, and finally to make and break. Another great post from you, Nihar. I consistently shop at the closest store as it is more convenient, venturing only to the other for specialty items when necessary.

But on this particular day, I was sensing an inner pull to shop at the farther market. As I was perusing the food aisles, I suddenly remembered that this store had an activity billboard where local businesses are allowed to advertise their services. I decided to take a quick look at the board to see if there was anything of interest. My eyes scanned the brochures and business cards that were tacked upon the cork but nothing caught my attention. It was then, as I was about to walk away, that I saw an advertisement for a meditation center that was located in an adjacent town. I was elated. I had been searching for a local venue that offered meditation classes but did not have success in finding one online.

I made a mental note that I would visit this center within the next week. As I was thinking about this coincidence, I knew why I was drawn to visiting this specific grocery store. My instinct was guiding me towards what I had been asking for all along: a community meditation center. I was lead to this information by my own inner compass which is innately intuitive and intelligent.

Each and every person has access to this type of internal wisdom, but what is the source of this unseen navigational system that has our best interests in mind and knows the most appropriate course of action? The topic of spirituality has steadily gained momentum over the years, but what does authentic spirituality represent and how does it impact our everyday lives? These are my go-to titles for an all-encompassing energy that is moving through our infinite universe and permeating our everyday lives.

Awakening to our inherent essence can be considered a universal human experience. Some people may have spiritual experiences that are transcendent in nature, but I believe that we all encompass a spirit that communicates to us through intuitive insights, synchronicities, and feelings.

Our spirit is the energetic principle which gives life to our physical bodies, but also provides a direct connection to God or Infinite Source. Within this dimension of physicality, any event that we experience by feeling becomes a reality for us.