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We spend more than we make, we go into debt, and we blame everyone but ourselves.

If you follow through with each of these you will save hundreds this month and thousands this year. There are no secrets to getting rich.

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You can sit here and read every tip and feel good about yourself. But only the people who spend time implementing will save any money. Does anyone ever follow those tips? No, but it sure makes other personal-finance authors feel good about themselves for coming up with a suggestion that theoretically, maybe, somehow could save money for the moron who would do it. Not here. I want to challenge you to take this seriously.

It means you have to look at your spending. Here are a few keys I find really make the difference between setting out to accomplish something and following through. I recommended spending an hour each day to read the lessons and take the action steps to save. But the most important part is setting aside time now.

All I ask is that you decide what to do with your money now, for two reasons:. Want to book a flight to visit your best friend? Pay off debt? Sock money away in your K? Studies show having a support system makes you far more likely to follow through and succeed. Make sure to invite them to join this challenge with you! As we started making more and living richer lives, our expenses just grew. And a lot of them are necessary, important, or just plain fun. I thought the same thing — until I went through this quick challenge.

Yes, there are still 12 months in a year… but this is the quickest way to do it calculator-free. Which one is worse? This Challenge is about saving money, not sacrificing. You can stream most channels from their websites. God, am I that old? I even remember card files at the library. But now you can compare plans in minutes using these 2 sites and write down the best rates and plans:.

As an additional bargaining chip, you can ask for your new rate to include an additional channel — say, HBO, Showtime, or something similar. For me, this would be any sports channel.

Zelle Pay Daily & Monthly Sending Limits at the Top U.S. Banks

What can you do to improve my internet speed? If you can get me 12 months, then we have a deal. Simply hang up and try again later. You have nothing to lose! Just glance at your cable bill. Once you buy your modem, just plug it in, unscrew the cable wire from your old modem, and screw it into your new one. Then tell the cable company you installed your own modem. What else can you do to help me?

Can you hold for a second? What can you do to help? Is there anything else I can help you with today? Big companies love to squeeze us and raise our bills. Did you send 5 too many text messages? See, cell phone companies spend a fortune on national advertising to get new customers, then treat them horribly and lose them. The quickest way to save money on your phone bill is choosing the right plan and bundling services for instance, cellphone and internet.

Just write down the best prices, plan details, and carriers. If you want to get even better deals with another phone company, check out these comprehensive reviews to find out how to get the best coverage and features:.

First, be nice. These people spend hour days dealing with assholes. Could you tell me what other plans you have that would save me money? Unless there are any other plans you have…? Ok, can you transfer me to your cancellation department, please? Remember, they can ONLY cancel your service with your permission.

Tell them your competitive intel. And you have another trick up your sleeve. You know and I know that your customer acquisition cost is hundreds of dollars, so it makes sense to keep me as a customer. What can you do to offer me this plan for less money?

Checking account offers and savings promotions

Instead, ask them leading questions. Would you mind sending me a confirmation email? Most of us pick a rate once, then never go back again. The fastest way to do this is usually calling your insurance company.

How To Make $5000 in 30 Days Working 2 Hours a Day

You always have the most leverage when there are other offers on the table. Then, call up big insurers because reps are more likely to tell you about unlisted deals: AAA : Allstate: Geico: Progressive: State Farm: Check reviews at Consumersearch or Consumer Reports if you have a subscription. Most of us have thousands of dollars in benefits hiding in our cards — reimbursements, travel discounts, special pricing on everything from laptops to memberships and cars.

Yes, you can get substantial discounts on tickets, cell phone bills, and more… if you know where to look. For instance, can I get a discounted rate on cell phone plans? Because of their size, car insurance companies negotiate deep-discount benefits for their customers. You might get discount tickets, free roadside assistance, even discounts on travel and retail purchases. Offer is available to new personal checking Customers who do not have an existing or prior personal checking account at TD Bank.

Learn more. Also, students and young adults aged 17 through 23 will get additional perks like no minimum balance requirements and no monthly maintenance fee. Keep an eye on the monthly fees and what you need to do to get them waived. Full details on the promotion page. The bonus is deposited within 75 days and you'll need to keep the account for at least a year.

Again, check the schedule of fees for updated information. Maintain at least the minimum Qualifying Balance for 90 calendar days from the date you deposited the minimum Qualifying Balance. It's that simple. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy. Dollar commercial balances to qualify for a personal Premier relationship. Deposit products are offered in the U. Member FDIC. The information, including rates and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review.

Please refer to issuer website and application for the most current information. We may be paid for the content on this site. It's a Money Market Account so it offers a pretty competitive interest rate 2. The bonus will be credited weeks after you satisfy the conditions. You will need to fill out a form to get your code, bring that code to a local branch find one , and open an account. Unlike many other promotions, there is no direct deposit requirement! This is only available to new customers and you can only get one new account-related gift incentive per calendar year.

Learn more No expiration shown. Learn more No expiration listed. The first BMO Harris Bank offer has no expiration date, which is why we list it first, but there's an even richer bonus available. You can apply online or in a branch, just request a coupon to open in a branch. Available to residents of Illinois excluding St. Clair County , Wisconsin excluding Pierce and St.

Croix County , St. Louis County in Minnesota, or Northwest Indiana.